Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What can I say?

Yah, I'm one of *those* mom's that make her kids costumes and insist we go with a theme! lol Of course I take their input into consideration.  I asked them a few months ago what *we* should dress up as this year and we all gave suggestions...then I gave mine & everyone agreed. ;-) Well, of course since the responsibility of actually building the costumes falls on moi', naturally, my vote counts a little more. ;-)

Except oldest...we could not get him on board to be the Red Queen's skinny eye-patch boy friend. lol  You can read all about this year's costume building secrets here.

We actually woke up Sunday (Halloween) morning to attend the annual LA cancer Challenge.  I run or walk it every year since my mom died, in her memory.  It's a fund raising race that benefits pancreatic cancer research.  It's fun to reconnect with my mom's coworkers every year too. The Hirshberg Foundation does a fabulous job putting on the race.  They give excellent goodie bags & the expo is full of fun freebies, samples & even a kids area, where all the kiddos can get a real pumpkin & themed crafts, all for free!

It was a nice start to the day, really gorgeous weather.  Then it was home to put the final details & finishing touches on the costumes.  It was SO fun to hear all the comments & compliments when I took the kiddos begging for candy.  Ou block was pretty dead! I think we were the ONLY house giving away candy.  Bummer.  We had to walk farther down the neighborhood to find participating houses.

One house in our neighborhood really go all out.  We avoid that one because it is especially gory & horrific.  They attracted a HUGE crowd & there were moments that I felt they were even probably over whelmed by the public response.  The crowd around their home was HUGE, they live on a corner so there was a lot of foot traffic. 

It was a long day...and night.  October went by so fast.......

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