Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As I Breathe In -- A Prayer

With every intake of breath, may I recognize my need for your grace in every moment.
As my cells relentlessly carry fresh oxygen to every organ, may I have an attitude of relentless servanthood.
With every beat of my heart, may I feel in my soul, your heart for me and those around me.
As my blood pumps, filled with life, may I speak your life into others.

As my senses recognize creation, may I be aware of your presence that surrounds me.

When I see the atmosphere around me, may I see more of you.
As my skin tingles with touch, may I not take for granted your hand in my life.
When I taste pleasant flavors, may I remember to be a sharer of the bread of Life.
As I hear the fine details of life, may I never cease to hear Your voice.
While I inhale the scents of loveliness, may my prayers be as a sweet fragrance to you.

As my bones support my frame, may you be my foundation.
With every move of my muscles, may you be my strength.

May my body be a living sacrifice to you.

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