Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You have your whole life to work it out

A friend made that statement to me recently & it resonated so strongly.  I don't think it's a surprise to anyone, for me to mention my marriage has suffered from some serious issues in the past. Sometimes the residual effects still break the surface.

I began to feel discontent and hopeless about this.  I thought if only these issues were resolved....if only we could resolve this...things could be good if only...I found myself ignoring the present, waiting, waiting, waiting for some mysterious future of resolution.

It dawned on me that resolution may not be a destination, but a process. I was wasting time wanting to push through a process, and in the meantime unable to enjoy the current present reality.  What pressure, huh?  When your dealing with relationships, you are dealing with so many variables at any given moment.  An entire other person with a different perspective, point of view and way of processing.

All my waiting was robbing me of simply being and enjoying.  Marriage, like life itself, is a constantly evolving journey. Each person in the marriage, IS constantly experiencing, changing, discovering.

If there are issues, allow the Father, time and nature to move within hearts to change and reveal.  No need to rush or push.  As I stepped back from the idea and inner need to have everything wrapped up all tidy, I suddenly felt free.  Free to enjoy my marriage and husband even more. Perhaps this was acceptance? Unconditional love, maybe? No enforcement of my own will or ideas of how things should be or look like. Simply being.

In the end, it's true....we do have our whole lives to work it out.

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