Saturday, July 23, 2011

Date night turned family night

The Mr. and I had planned to go to the movies by ourselves last night.  It was another screening with his film society membership except it was a movie we weren't particularly interested in seeing. Oldest has his own plans as well so it would have required us to make some sort of child-care arrangements.

Last minute we just decided to grab a pizza and head to the Drive-In. (yes, we watch a lot of movies!) It's more relaxing to be able to watch a movie from your own car, especially with a toddler. We park the car backwards and take out the back seat. The Mr. & I sit on the bench seat and the kiddos have all the open space in the car to lay down & watch the movie. (or jump & crawl around) We pile up the pillows and blankets and they usually go in their PJs. It's more of an *experience* than just going to the movies.

We saw Captain America and Transformers III. I *really* enjoyed Captain America. his character was an all around good guy.  He wanted to serve his country and was honest and brave. It was a romantically nostalgic movie, clean cut, nothing majorly objectionable like foul language, nudity or excessive violence. Unfortunately I can't say the same for T3. I was disappointed. From the opening screen shot between the new female lead's legs, I knew it was not going to go well. Optimus Prime's character is still noble and honorable and Sam Witwicky's character is amusing but it ends there. These movies are based on children's cartoons of the 80's. Why ruin it for kids with foul language, suggestive shots and and extra 30 unnecessary minutes? 

At least we had some fun family time together. That is another great thing about the drive-in, you don't disturb anyone else when your toddler talks & climbs all over throughout the whole thing! So it's not like we weren't relating during the movie. ;-)

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