Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just another day of summer...

Today we took another bike ride, this time in my brother's direction.  Kurtis unexpectedly woke up a few times last night which resulted in a very tired momma this morning. We over slept and left the house much later than we planned. About 15 minutes into our ride, Sammyboy noticed one of his bike tires was getting flat-again! So he turned around w/ the Mr., who also had the baby on his bike, to switch bikes and then catch back up with us.

Birdy and I continued on and met up w/ my brother and his family about half way.  Since we had time to kill waiting for my guys to catch up with us, we took a little side trip to get some fruit and snacks. By the time we got back onto the river bed, the timing was perfect because my guys were there taking a water break.

We took the river bed again this time, a nearly 8.5 mile ride. Our destination was Wilderness park in Downey. We relaxed there and had a mini picnic while the kiddos fed ducks and fish and got stuck in trees they climbed.

It was pretty warm by then so we decided to head on over to my brother's house and try out their new trampoline. He lives really close to that park so it's kind of funny that they all rode to the river bed to meet us when they could have ridden about 10 min to the park from their house. 

We had so much fun on the trampoline. The kids, especially Sammyboy jumped so high. I did too. The Mr. was not interested in trying it out. Even K got in on the action.  He was a bit scared at first if anyone else moved the trampoline while he was on it...I guess cause he couldn't control it. If he was on it alone, he began to have fun and jump little toddler jumps. 

We have been having such a great summer. It's been really fun riding our bikes all over. Trying to keep them all in working order at the same time...has been a challenge. It seems every time we go out, one of the bikes has a flat tire. So frustrating. I think Sammyboy has gone through 3 or 4 inner tubes on his.ugh. Besides that though, we are so blessed to live in an area that gets such great weather nearly year round.

It sure beats sitting around in the house all day! Doesn't it? I have been tired some times with all the busyness and driving around but I can't complain that this summer has been boring, that's for sure. We have had a lot of enjoyable and memorable moments. I really love my life and the ability to treasure each moment. I *really* love getting out and being active, like when we ride bikes. Now one of these days, I'd like us to ride all the way to the beach!

Aren't these pix the best? The middles were really able to get some air weren't they? And that's me at the top. I wasn't about to miss out on the fun! What a work out too! whew!

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