Friday, July 22, 2011

Grand Canyon Adventure 2011: Out takes uneditted

These are the pix you didn't see....

 A resting spot I often found Birdy at: a tree limb! Who needs a hammock!

Yes...that IS the edge...and YES we DID get *that* close.

Sacred Space: Yuvapai ruins. This space was used for spiritual and ceremonial practices of the Native Americans. 
Our was smaller than I expected but cozy enough. It began to pour when we set it up & promptly stopped by the time we were finished.

Converse: made for hiking.

Perspective: He wasn't as impressed with the canyon as he was with the tiny white flowers.

Grandpa: designated photographer.

We know how to pose....miles above the canyon floor & a few feet above the ground.

With out the zoom.

My eyes are open.

Yah...that pretty much sums it up.

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