Monday, July 11, 2011

a few moments of down time...

We've been going, going, going for the past week (or more)! I will post date some tell-all posts about it in a bit. 

Right that calm moment, like when you're coasting on your bike before you need to pedal again, enjoying the breeze.....cause tonight we are leaving for a short camping the GRAND Canyon. It feels like summer is finally *about* to begin. 

It will be a long drive but not as long as the 'epic road' trip from last year that I never blogged about...but I did hand write in a 'lined paper journal'. I will hand write in that journal again for this trip also contains my trip to Ethiopia (that I also did not blog) from a few years ago. I decided it will be my 'travel journal' for any time I travel anywhere, whether it's across the world, across the country or across the state.

I am looking forward to this trip greatly. (is that the proper use of that word? greatly. It IS a word, right?) My brother and his family are going too, it will be their first time there. Even my dad is going.

Maybe you will hear all about it when I return....or like last time, maybe not. ;-)

Oh & one more thing...I got some nice mail the other day. I love getting real mail! (doesn't everybody?) It was an award certificate for making the Dean's Honor List, for outstanding scholastic achievement, last semester. I am so seriously cool, it's not even funny.

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