Saturday, July 9, 2011

Let's Dance!

Finally, it was time for Sammy & Birdy's dance concert! They  had worked so hard for months and the show was ready to go. Tickets were sold out but the studio director was able to fit everyone in. Thank goodness. The entire show was so great, except for a few dances I thought were inappropriate. My kids did great though and over all had a lot of fun in the process. They have both improved their dance/hip-hop skills so much and are entertaining the idea of taking more classes in the fall. We will see what happens. 

Their routine was a hip-hop routine and their costumes were 80's inspired. The theme of the show was 'time warp' so each routine represented different eras of the past. I was impressed last year and once again, impressed this year. The students are so talented and amazing and strong. It's beautiful, really.

We had a great view from our seats!

After the show the Mr. had to rush off to a work gig and I had to take oldest to an event he wanted to attend....we were all pretty tired after that but amazingly the middles had enough energy to take a short walk to the end of the block to get an ice cream. Funny how that works. We invited one of their neighbor friends.

It was a nice treat and a great ending to another great day.

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