Friday, December 16, 2011

Sparkle, sparkle

Another favorite tradition we have, as I'm sure many others do too, is going Christmas light looking. I don't even know what exactly it is that draws us in, but I can never resist. Oldest went to this area recently with the youth group. After I picked him up from work I asked him to direct us to the area.

It is along the canals on Naples Island in Long Beach. Oh it is absolutely lovely. You can walk along the canals, in front of the homes and ooohhh & awe at all the wonderful displays. One home was themed after National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (remember that movie?) via the "Griswold" family. It was fabulous.

Another home was made into a giant Santa face. Many were simply gorgeous. Well, the homes are gorgeous, in and of themselves, but with the lights, it's really nice. It was a nice way to end the evening.

Kurtis only wanted to admire the water, over and over. I wish I could have taken my family on a gondola ride. I imagine it would be so lovely this time of year. We did see one gondola go bye and plenty of other tour boats. I think the ktbunch would really love to go on a gondola tour.

That was one of the last excursions I did with my mom, go on a gondola ride through the canals. It was my sister-in-love (brother's wife), my aunt (mom's sister) and myself. We had a lovely afternoon that day.

Aren't those some fun pix with the lights. I need to explore with my camera more. Isn't my ktbunch the best? I love them to pieces and I can't imagine my life without them in it.

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