Sunday, December 18, 2011

Speaking of Christmas lights...

About a week ago, after I dropped oldest off at work and was on my way home, Birdy asked if we could go Christmas light looking when we got home. Yes, I wanted to just BE home, driving back and forth, while not labor intensive, is still tiring.

We were still about 15 minutes or so away from home but out of the corner of my eye, some lovely lit up homes caught my attention. I decided to turn, off out regular route and look at the home near where we were at. They were very nice. We all ooohed and awed over them.

We were back on our way when I noticed a guy struggling to enter the tunnel we drive through on the way home. He was attempting to carry his bike and a bike tire. Strangely I knew I should give him a ride.

But I was a female, alone, with her two youngest children in her car! That wasn't very safe or wise to do, right?

I passed him but couldn't shake that I knew I was supposed to give him a ride. I felt bad for him, it was late, it was cold and trying to carry a bike is not easy. This is crazy. He could be dangerous...I'm not sure the Mr. would approve.

I said a prayer aloud: "Lord is this you? Cause if it's not, please keep us safe cause I think it is so, I'm gonna pick up this guy."

Once again, I turned off my route to go back. As I was retracing my drive, I was in the #2 lane and a van was on my right. If I get in front of the van then stop for the guy, the van might be upset because it's a no stopping any time part of the street.

The lane the van was in was an on ramp to the freeway lane, suddenly I was free and clear in the far right lane. I pulled up to the guy, my heart so nervous, and honked. He had stopped to try and adjust the bike but turned around quickly.

"Do you want a ride?"
"Yes!" he said with out hesitating.
"Put your bike on the rack."

See, I always have a bike rack on my van because I ride my bike to school. It couldn't have been more perfect. He got in and he was SO grateful. To be fair, he certainly didn't look like a murderer or a vagrant. He was probably in his mid to late twenties? He said he was visiting his brother in LB and on his way home, the screws that hold the front tire on, just broke and fell apart. How does that happen?

The thing is....he had only broken down about a block before we crossed his path. It was perfectly ordained. Had the Lord not put it in Birdy's heart and mind to ask to go Christmas light looking and I had not had a heart to agree to go right then and there---we would have missed him. We would have passed him while his bike was still working and intact.

I know we live in a fair weather state, but how many people *really* have bike racks on their cars?

We were destined to pick him up.

I *never* would have picked up a male stranger, never in my life. Only that I truly believe it was what God told me to do. I often pass cars broken down on the freeway and wish I could help, had something to ffer, but I don't now how to change a flat tire and being a female, it is often unsafe.

Hearing the Lord clearly and seeing how He arranged all of this so perfectly....He obviously loves that young man very much. I wish I would have told him...but hopefully our actions showed him...I did tell him it was his very blessed day.

I chatted nervously and then dropped him off at a park he designated was near his home.
before he got out he said, "Thank you so much, you have made my week!"

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