Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Find Rest in God's Presence

I awoke with a heavy heart the other day, left over from the night before. I felt like the best choice was to go back and stay in bed to avoid any more failed attempts at life. To avoid hurting someone, failing to be a good person or mom...I didn't even feel like I could pray.

I turned on one of my favorite soaking play lists. The type of music that envelopes you into remembering who God is and who you are to God. I didn't fall asleep but I almost thought I did. I could hear the music the entire time. The heaviness lifted and my peace was restored. My spirit was back in alignment with God's Spirit. It was if all was once again, right in the world. No worry and no strife. 

Sometimes, when you aren't understanding people and situations around you, when things feel crazy or tense, when you are starting to feel like a chicken-with-it's-head-cut-off
...the BEST thing to do is the opposite of what your flesh is telling you--just STOP!

Go to that quiet place, the shower, a closet, bedroom w/ the door closed, put on some worship or soaking music and just let go in HIS presence. NO requests, maybe not even any words. Bask in His glory. Allow His Spirit to infiltrate every part of your being.

No more striving, no more trying to figure things out, no more of anything. Let HIM fill you up. Let HIM over come you. Listen for Him. Allow Him to speak. Take your REFUGE in the shadow of HIS wings! Take rest in Him and receive His divine peace. ♥ ♥ ♥

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