Tuesday, March 19, 2013

God is Always Working

God is ALWAYS working & every moment up to NOW, has led UP TO NOW! Every prayer has been in the process of being answered & being fulfilled NOW...

Every trial, tribulation & failure brings us to HIM that is greater than he who is in the world (1 John 4:4 b ...He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.)...it is a process of transforming us into the person God has created us to be! 

Peter denied Christ three times...he walked w/ Christ, walked on water w/ Christ, he saw miracles performed, people healed & YET--> denial!

BECAUSE he had brokenness, doubt & fear WITHIN him...He didn't even realize it but GOD did and that was why He warned him...It HAD to be brought out (revealed, brought into the Light) so that it could be dealt with, so Peter could be healed and then FULLY restored by God. (Mark 4:22 For everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light.)
 THEN he could go out & minister, on his own, as God had called him to do.

All issues need to be brought into the Light so healing can occur. God does not let us hide and we can only run for so long. Moses ran for 40 years...but God accomplished HIS will--he came back and indeed fulfilled God's promise to set His people free. Then another 40 years in the wilderness...and God STILL fulfilled HIS promise of leading His people into the promised land. All those years, decades, of refinement in the hearts of God's people.

Grace. It is not what WE accomplish but what God accomplishes in and through us. HIS will, will prevail.

When we are praying to become the man or woman God wants us to be, or praying that for others, it is a life long process. You are being transformed every moment, closer to what God has always envisioned you as. Even when you fail and you learn from that failure, you are closer to being the full you God created you to be.

Allow God to reveal and heal, within your own heart and within the hearts of others. Keep praying. Every past prayer is leading up to this moment and every future prayer is leading to the NEXT.
♥ ♥ ♥

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