Friday, March 29, 2013

True Grit Faith

The faith that is pressed down, abandoned but not crushed. When you're down to your last and all you've got is a faith that's shaking and you're hoping against hope that your foundation is built upon a rock that's solid cause you've got no more strength to fight your way out of sinking sand.

You're praying that all those words from the Word are true and you've got nothing to lose in believing they are but everything to gain. You're trudging through the miry clay, the compost of life, hoping to reap some black gold that will nourish the seeds you've planted.

You're on your own in a way you've never imagined and your pressing in, persevering, making the best out of nothing and calling it freedom. Choosing to smile. It's like living under a freeway and telling yourself it's camping. You've imagined the very worst case scenario and you praise that you aren't there yet.

There's no ego, humility is your uniform now. You've rolled up your shirt sleeves, grabbed your shovel and your in it to win it. One way or another.

Because when nothing looks like you thought it was, you've GOT to take God at His Word. Is He really for you when the world is against you? Is He on your side when you don't even have a side left? Is there really a life worth living, somewhere in your future...or right now? Is that man, dying on that cross, really going to live again?

You're a pioneer. You're holding on to dreams because you've chosen the hard road. You're the one that will not fold under the pressure. The one that doesn't sell out. The one that says I'll crawl to the finish line if I have to...but I will finish...and finish well. You believe, you know, there IS something more than this.

When you're fighting apathy, indifference, searching and fighting FOR passion, life, go to sleep in surrender and awake with fresh determination. You won't give up. You can't. You will get through this. There is always grace--it's all grace. You will be strong because you know dependency on God in this life!

That's where you'll find your true grit faith.

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