Sunday, March 8, 2015

International Womens Day

My maternal grandmother was born into a time where she didn't even have the right to vote...and lived to see that change. 

Later, after her husband died, leaving her with two young daughters to raise, she became a single-working-mom, when it was a rare position to be in.

I come from a line of strong women, forced by circumstance to exhibit that strength in unexpected ways. I hope and pray to be that same example of reliable strength for my daughter and sons. I am grateful for and honor the women who came before me, so I could have the freedoms and rights I have today.

May we continue to fight the good fight until all women around the world experience these same freedoms, rights and protections.

Even in my postmodern life, I have been told there were things I could not do or be, simply because I am female. 

My paternal grandmother always told me, "You can be anything you want, if you know how to read."

May we also remember and fight for the rights of women everywhere who are not even allowed such a basic skill, as learning to read. 

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